Frequently asked questions


How can I make payment?

A: CCSG accepts various payment methods. Please go to the Make A Payment section for further details.


I can't pay my whole debt in one go, what are my options?

A: Please contact our office to discuss your financial position and we will assist in determining what the most appropriate and affordable payment plan is that will suite you.


I have paid my debt, how come I still have a default on my credit file and how do I clear it?


If a judgment has been entered and the judgment debt has been paid, you will need to either:

a. Contact your local Court. Click here to find your local Court.

b. Contact a solicitor

c. Contact Credit Collection Services Group on 02 8568 6500. Subject to fees, terms and conditions.



How do I find out if I have a default on my credit rating?

A: You should contact Equifax to check your credit file and confirm if you have a default listed and request a free copy of your credit file.


Can I discuss someone else's account with you?

A: CCSG is more than happy to work with a friend, family member or financial counsellor to assist in any matter.  To enable us to liaise with a third party we require an authority form to be completed and returned to our office. Click here for the authority form.

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