Commercial Debt Recovery

CCSG takes a case by case approach to our commercial debt recovery clients. Rather than a 'one size fits all' attitude, we tailor our recovery strategy to suit the situation and the needs of your business. This helps to accelerate turn-around while protecting the integrity of your business.

Every CCSG client is assigned a dedicated collection agent with particular skills and experience in their industry. This enables our clients to draw upon experienced personnel for industry specific advice as well as general debt recovery assistance.

Our collections team has been highly trained in all commercial collection strategies and has a strong understanding of the laws surrounding debt collection. Working closely with CCSG Legal and Taylor Investigations helps our collection team accelerate outcomes with an end-to-end service.

Our strategies avoid the practice of sending excessive amounts of demand correspondence to debtors, as this often adds no direct benefit in getting your debt paid sooner. CCSG operate under the following practices:

  1. CCSG demand to debtor – compliance period 7-21 days (depending on jurisdiction)
  2. Follow up phone calls with set compliance dates (client specifies)
  3. Review with client
  4. If account is not settled or arrangements not made, legal proceedings are issued.

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